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Compostable PLA tableware and utensils - Straws, lids, hot drink cups, cold drink cups, clear cups, cutlery and stirrers - Sustainable dining solutions

Compostable PLA Cups and Tableware

We proudly offer a wide range of PLA disposables, including PLA cold cups, compostable paper cups, PLA cutlery, compostable straws, lids, and more. Our PLA lineups are made from plant-based materials and are fully  compostable.

Customizable compostable bags - Tall kitchen bags, ziplock bags, doggy bags - Sustainable packaging solutions

Customizable Compostable Bags

Whether you require a compostable paper bag for your delivery, a gocerie bag or a mailer bag, zipper bag, trash bag, pet waste bag, or retail and produce bag, we have you covered.

Compostable sugarcane bagasse products or tableware - Eco-frienfly dining solutions

Sugarcane Bagasse Tableware

We specialize in producing a wide range of compostable tableware made from sugarcane bagasse. Our selection includes an array of eco-friendly options such as bagasse plates, bowls, hinged boxes, trays, and more. 

Kraft paper packaging solutions - Sustainable and eco-friendly packaging option

Kraft Paper Packaging Solutions

Experience the perfect blend of sustainability and style with our innovative Kraft paper packaging. Discover how our eco-friendly solutions can transform your packaging needs while reducing your carbon footprint. 

Excellence in Eco-Friendly Products

bagasse plates, hinged boxes, bowls and trays - Sustainable dining solutions

Eco Materials

Our products are made from renewable, plant-based materials including sugarcane and cornstarch, which decompose naturally within 180 days.

Private-label compostable cups, ziplock sandwich bags, tall kitchen bags, produce bags, and T-shirt bags - Sustainable Packaging solutions

Private Label

Your brand in trusted hands. Partner with us for exclusive private-label designs that align with your commitment to sustainability and quality.


End-to-End Compostable

From mailer bags to tableware, all our products are designed to be completely compostable, turning into nutrient-rich soil.

PLA cutlery, containers, straws and lids - Sugarcane bagasse products - compostable bags - Sustainable food packaging solutions

Full Range

From cutlery to hinged boxes, and compostable bags we provide a complete suite of compostable items catering to all your needs.

Dedicated to Wholesale Sustainability

With over a decade of expertise, AMS•COMPOSTABLE is your premier source for top-notch compostable disposable products tailored to wholesalers. Our offerings cater to the wholesale sector, enabling businesses to embrace eco-friendly alternatives, ultimately contributing to a more sustainable future. 

compostable take-out solutions - Trusted industry leaders

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