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AMS Compostable TEAM
Mar 28, 2024By AMS Compostable TEAM

In the dynamic world of entrepreneurship, knowledge is undeniably power. Why navigate the complexities alone when you can align yourself with a trusted partner boasting over a decade of expertise in manufacturing compostable disposables?

At AMS•COMPOSTABLE, we offer a wealth of experience to propel your brand to new heights while avoiding costly trial-and-error pitfalls.

AMS Compostable decade long expert in the Compostable disposables field

Why partner with AMS•COMPOSTABLE:

Don't gamble with your success by embarking on a solo learning journey fraught with financial risks. By choosing AMS•COMPOSTABLE, you sidestep the steep learning curve and harness the benefit of our decade-long industry insights. Our track record includes:

⦿ Successful Projects with Governments

⦿ International Organizations Supporting the Environment

⦿ Global Fast-Food Chains

⦿ Retail Giants

⦿ Renowned Coffeehouse Chains & High-profile Reputable Brands.

Beyond mere pricing, we prioritize delivering unparalleled value that exceeds your expectations.

AMS Compostable Private labeling reliable expert factory

Experience Meets Affordability

Receive decades of expertise at a fair price point, devoid of worries. Trust your brand to AMS•COMPOSTABLE, just as other reputable brands have done, and capitalize on a seamless, end-to-end engineering approach that ensures your peace of mind and desired outcome.

Complying with Regulations

Many countries and regions have introduced regulations and policies aimed at reducing single-use plastics and promoting compostable alternatives. By incorporating AMS•COMPOSTABLE into your operations, you can ensure compliance with these regulations and avoid potential penalties or reputational damage.

Improving Product Performance

At the forefront of innovation, we are dedicated to enhancing product performance. With 100% of our portfolio being environmentally friendly and 75% of it certified to decompose in your garden without the need for industrial treatment, we take pride in this achievement. Our continuous commitment to eco-friendly solutions drives us to strive towards certifying 100% of our portfolio in OK Home Compost, ensuring a sustainable future for all.

loyal partner COMPOSTABLE disposables

Long-term Relationships

At AMS•COMPOSTABLE, we believe in the power of teamwork and the art of listening. We pay close attention to your needs to tailor solutions according to your desires. Listening and delivering — it's that simple. Our secret sauce lies in fostering long-term relationships built on loyalty and premium service. That's why we are highly selective in choosing our allies

Power up!

Make the strategic decision to elevate your brand by partnering with AMS•COMPOSTABLE. Embrace reliability, excellence, and efficiency as we work tirelessly to bring your vision to life. Contact us today to embark on a journey fueled by experience and innovation that will set you apart in the competitive marketplace..

Take your sustainability efforts to new heights! Contact us today to learn more about how AMS•COMPOSTABLE can help you achieve your sustainability goals effortlessly, and without compromising your brand.